Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm in the scrapping mode again so I can order up another book for my kids before the sale ends today (not sure if I'm going to make it but we'll see-I also think the sale might be extended given the history of this company's sales).  I had some pictures of my kids at the fire station open house and I found the perfect kit at Digital Scrap Cafe to work with!  Actually there were 2 fire fighter kits and it was hard to chose!  This one is called Fire-Fighter by Catia Cuhna.   It's on sale for $1 right now! How can you pass that up?
Here's my layout. I loved using various fire fighter elements.  I wish I could have used more.


  1. Just curious, who do you use to print your scrapbooks? I have always used shutterfly and was just wondering if there was a better option out there.

  2. I use Winkflash. I have 3 books that I printed through them and the quality is very good. The run great sales too! However the sale I was talking about was not extended so I'm waiting for the next time they have a good sale!


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