Friday, May 18, 2012

Meet the Team: Stephanie

Today you get to meet team member Stephanie!

Tell us about your “real world”

I'm a full-time SAHM with twin 3.5 year old boys, Ian & Jake. My husband, Tim, works full time & is heading into his last year of law school; he'll be taking the bar next February which is a huge relief to all of us as it's been a long journey. I love to read history & play Angry Birds, Pinterest is the evil website I just can't get enough of but I love it for ideas. We are looking to bring a puppy into our family in the fall, we lost our dog last year & life just hasn't been the same without her; looking forward to the crazy puppy stage & training!
How did you get started with scrapping?
I got started back in the Fall of 2009 when the grandparents were complaining that I wasn't putting enough pictures on our blog. I was looking for something cute to do with the pictures from Ian & Jake's 1st birthday party & found digital scrapbooking through a search for regular scrapbooking. It really appealed to me becuase we don't have a large house & having everything nicely contained on a hard drive was ideal. I've been scrapping ever since then & am now designing templates to feed my habit!

Tell us something strange or unusual about you.
Let's see, the strangest thing about me would be that while I have twin boys, I am also a twin myself! I have a twin brother, Mark, who is 1 minute older than me. We always drove our parents crazy when we were growing up & when I told my parents that Tim & I were expecting twins it took a while for my Mom to stop laughing. But it's nice because I had an idea of what we were getting; it was still crazy but I was prepared for the crazy.

Stephanie shared her favorite layout with one of Becky's kits...Shine Down on Me.  She said she loves how the bright colors perfectly complemented Jake's face popping out of all the toys.  Super Cute!

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