Friday, August 3, 2012

Meet The Team: Shaheen

Username: love2learn
Real name: Shaheen
- Tell us about your “real world”
I'm 30, single and a doctor by education. I love photography, travelling, henna designing and learning new things. Hence, the username. :D
- How did you get started with scrapping?
Life in the medical field was stressful when I decided to take a break and came across digital scrapbooking websites. Initially, I was just trying to learn how to design a blog but I got addicted to photoshopping and using it to scrap layouts. I wanted to get better and better and haven't looked back since.
- Tell us something strange or unusual about you.
I'm an only child of my parents. When I was younger I always wished for more siblings and while other kids had imaginary friends, I chose to have imaginary siblings. I find that amusing now. In a way, I was lucky to not have to share my toys, TV time or computer when I was younger although I loved spending time and sharing with friends and cousins. I always believe that whatever happens is for the best. As an adult, I now enjoy my own company and find spending time by myself relaxing so it worked out quite well.
Here is one of Shaheen's favorite layouts that she designed using "Sassy" and "Sassy" worn papers.

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