Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Tips/Tutorials


 Selecting and Changing All Text Layers at Once in Photoshop and PSE

When you are working on a project with a number of text layers, there is a quick way to select all of the text layers at once. This is handy to know in case you want to change the font for your project, but you don’t want to have to hunt for each text layer and change them manually. Here’s how:

Select one of the text layers in the Layers panel. These layers will have a T icon on the left side of the layer.

From the Menu bar, choose Select > Similar layers. The software will search for all layers similar to the one you have selected, so in this case all of the text layers will be highlighted.

To change the font, get the Type tool while leaving all of the text layers selected.

Choose a new font in the Options bar across the top of the editing window. Your font choice will replace the current font type in each text layer automatically.

You can change the font size, style and orientation this way, too.

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