Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Tips/Tutorials

Be Bold with PS and PSE
Some fonts come packaged in sets with options for bold and italicized text, while others do not.  Photoshop and Elements give you these options even when the font package does not.

When you encounter a font where the drop-down menu for bold remains set at Normal, you’ll know that the font does not have special options. When this happens, highlight the word (or words) you’d like to enhance by clicking at the end of the word and then dragging the cursor over the text.

In Elements, choose the Faux Bold icon from the Options bar. Next to the Faux Bold icon, you’ll find the other special text features: Faux italics, underline and strikethrough.  Tick the green checkmark in the Options Bar to confirm the text change.

In Photoshop, select the “Toggle the Character and Paragraph Panels” icon from the Options bar. Click the Character tab of the palette. Faux bold and the other options are located near the bottom in a row of T icons. As with most things Photoshop, you’ll have more options than Elements including superscript, subscript, and all caps here. Tick the checkmark in the Options bar to confirm the text change.

To undo the text effect, simply highlight the word or words and tick the icon again.

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