Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Tips/Tutorials

How can I view an ABR file or brush file?
To view ABR file (brushes) in Photoshop and PSE:
Load the ABR file using these instructions:  How to load a brush in Photoshop or  How to load a brush in Photoshop Elements

Open the software and select the Brush Tool.   In the Options Bar, click the drop-down menu beside the brush to view the loaded brushes.
You can see a large thumbnail of the brush images or ABR files by clicking the right-facing arrow at the top right of the brush viewer drop-down menu.  Choose "Large Thumbnail"

ABR Viewer Software:
You can use free ABR viewing software such as the ABR Viewer Brush Viewing Software, or Brushview QL ABR Viewing Software or
Tumasoft's Preset Viewer. These programs allow you to view your brushes without opening Photoshop.  Many Photoshop users like to keep their ABR brushes filed in a designated "Brush" folder.  This makes finding and viewing the brushes easier.

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