Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cookie Cutter Tool

I love the cookie cutter tool. Absolutely use it on almost every layout. Say you want to create a tile of the same sized squares of paper and/or photos. Cookie Cutter is one way of doing it.

Cookie Cutter tool is the Blue Star on the Left hand tool bar. You can cookie cut in any Shape, you can do fixed shapes or unconstrained shapes, the possibilities are endless.

To create the photo strip in this layout I needed all the photos to be the same size. I selected a fixed size and placed my inches in the boxes. Cut each photo on their own layer and then created my layout.

Think about how long it would of taken me to crop out each photo and not loose proportions in the photos without the cookie cutter tool!

Here is one other layout where I used the cookie cutter so I could have the same size squares. I used photos mixed with papers to create this look.

I probably use the Cookie Cutter tool the most when I need a photo to fit into a frame - be it a circle or a square its a piece of cake with the Cookie Cutter tool.

Enjoy using the Cookie Cutter tool!!!!

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