Monday, June 14, 2010

Strikes & Spares

Been bowling lately? I sure haven't but it would be so much fun to go! I guess the most recent bowling I've done is wii bowling and I got a great score! When you take a look at this kit, I know you're going to want to go out to your local bowling alley and bowl! The Scrappy Kat has teamed up with Scrapalicious Cereal and put together 2 kits called "Strikes & Spares." These kits have tons of bowling elements plus snack bar food elements so it could be used for a cookout or a BBQ layout. It could also be used for any old random photos you may have, as you will see from my layout. Taking 15 month olds bowling would not be fun! Anyhow, take a look at "Strikes & Spares." Here's my layout that I made during a speed scrap a week or two ago. I very rarely scrap with 4 pictures but I love how it turned out. No bowling items in my layout!

Head over to The Scrappy Kat's store to pick up this kit! If you head to The Scrappy Kat's blog, some of her CT have made small freebies for you. You can find the links to her CT on her blog.

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