Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Picking colors and recoloring

There's a challenge at Go Digital Scrapbooking called Pick Your Palette. I don't recall how I heard about it but once I got over there I decided to give it a go. What you do is select an image and pick 5 colors from it to create a color palette. Then once you do that and post it, Laitha sends you a link to the mini kit to download. Everything in the mini kit is in grayscale so you can color it to fit your color palette. Then your job is to create a layout using your mini kit. It was so much fun that I'm definitely going to do this one again! :)

One of my favorite outfits that my daughter had was a one piece sundress/onesie in orange. I'm not a huge fan of orange normally but I loved this outfit. Too bad it's winter so it's too cold for it and also she has outgrown it! Don't you just hate that about clothes? Anyway, the outfit had a fish on it in pink and green. The onesie was polka dotted with a darker color orange. Here is the picture that I got my color palette from (I wish I had a better photo showing the outfit but I don't):
Here is my color palette. Isn't it fun and summery? What a change from this cold winter we are having! Now I'm also addicted to making color palettes. I don't have anything to do with them but I love the make them up!

For the challenge you don't have to use the same picture that you got your palette from but I decided that I loved the picture so much that I would use the picture! Here is my layout.

I did add a couple things that didn't come with the kit. The torn paper edge is from The Scrappin' Cop,the fill in alpha is Fill Me In by Designs by Sarah Bryan, and the font is Curly Gurl.

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