Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speed Scrap

I've decided to try as many challenges as possible in the last week or so! You would think I don't have anything else to do but digital scrapbook! Last night Stuff to Scrap had a speed scrap. It didn't start until 9 pm my time which is late for me (with almost year old twins) and I considered not joining in on the fun! However my husband decided he wanted to play a game so we played Russian Rails and I did the speed scrap at the same time. Want to talk about crazy???? I would suggest to just pay attention to one thing at a time with both of those.

I did my first speed scrap last week and it was nerve wracking! I was a mess the whole time frantically searching for pictures and the right kit to go with the pictures. I think I changed my mind 5 times at least! I was so anxious and didn't think I would finish. I decided to try it again but go into it knowing what pictures and kit I wanted to use. That helped a ton! I did fine through the first 3 steps but then the game started to pick up and I couldn't find the elements I wanted to use. Before I knew it the game was over (my husband skunked me!) and I only had 15 minutes to finish my layout. I hadn't added any shadows or journaled. I finally threw shadows on and skipped the journaling and uploaded my layout. After all the craziness, I read the post that said we had until noon today to post. Oh well. This morning I reworked some parts of my layout and now I think it looks a lot better! I fixed shadows, added a few more elements and then journaled. This is my completed layout.
The kit that I got the papers from, the brown ribbon and the cute dinosaurs is called Dino Mite from Charm City Scraps as part of the Stuff to Scrap Designer Darling Competition round 3. I fell in love with the quilted paper and the dinosaurs! My son's name is Noah and his nickname is Noasaurus so this kit was perfect for him! I also used elements from It's the Little Things by Digi Designz by Christi. The alpha came from Sweet Digi Scraps by Liz. One of the steps was to add a glitter splat or spill. I had no idea what to do for this. Luckily Photoshop Elements comes with brushes that are paint splats and I had added some glitter layer styles. The glitter layer style is from Beautiful You by Digi Designs by Nicole. I had so much fun adding the dionsaurs in this layout and putting them around the title. I don't scrap pictures of my son as much because I don't have too many boy kits. This kit was just perfect for him!

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