Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Better Blog

...or else my sister might wonder what happened to me. I'm glad to know that someone reads my blog everyday. I should give away a freebie to people who post a comment on random blog posts that don't contain a freebie. I don't have a freebie to give away right now, so don't expect to get one. I really want to make another mini kit but I need a good theme and color palette!

I don't have any advertising to do today, so I'm just going to share some layouts that I've made recently. This first one I made at the speed scrap last night at Stuff to Scrap. The first instruction threw me for a loop and I wasn't sure I was going to participate. The first instruction was to pick two photos having to do with luck or pick 1 photo and make the other photo a close up of the first one. I'm not a St. Patrick's Day fan. I'm not Irish and I don't celebtrate it, so all this green stuff out right now is not my cup of tea! So I was turned off but then I realized luck doesn't have to be about St. Patrick's Day or a four leaf clover. I'm lucky to have my babies. My babies are lucky to have each other. So I made a page about them being lucky to have a twin. I've been wanting to scrap these pictures for a long time. The big one is perhaps my favorite picture of them. I used the Shabby Princess's kits Festival and Promise. I call this "Lucky to Have a Twin." We're just entering that stage where I can see why there are benefits to having 2 babies at once! (Although I am now seeing disadvantages too but that's another story).

Here's a layout I made a while back at a speed scrap. At least I think I made it at a speed scrap! The papers and some elements are from the same kit, Happy Chappy by Enjoy Life Designs but then I had to break into other kits to follow the instructions for the speed scrap. Here are the other credits: White paper from Beautiful You by Digi Designs by Nicole, Buttons from Lil' Stinker by Sweet Digi Scraps, Ribbon by The Scrappin Cop, Flower from Boy Joy by Jamie Dell Scraps and Staples by Gunhild. Now I try to find kits for speed scraps that have everything I need in them because it's hard to search my stash and have a time limit!

Here's another layout that I did at a speed scrap hosted my one of my designers that I "work" for. It was hosted by Beth, Designs by Sweet Mesquite. I love these pictures of my daughter because she is so silly! For some reason she reminded me of a spider monkey in these pictures (don't ask me why). The kit is Out My Window by Maurine Stettler and the alpha is from Gunhild Storeide.

Now I should have just called my post "Speed Scraps Galore" because those are all the layouts I'm sharing! But that wouldn't have been creative! Here's another speed scrap layout. I bet you're wondering how many speed scraps I participate in. Well, I try to do them at Stuff to Scrap whenever they have one and I'm available. I've also participated in a couple at Brownie Scraps but they don't have them as often as Stuff to Scrap. Stuff to Scrap has a speed scrap twice a week it seems. This layout was made on the day that my heat went out. It was really cold too! Luckily my father in law was able to come over and fix it for us! The kit is Choose the Right by SAHM Scrapper and Scraps N Pieces. The frame is from Gunhild Storeide.

I was going to post 2 more speed scrap layouts but then I decided this was enough for today! I'll shared the other ones another day. Off to change the laundry and get some CT work done. There are 2 new kits releasing on Monday that I have layouts to show off for. Thanks for stopping in. I'll try to come up with a freebie to offer people who comment on random blog posts!

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  1. I look almost every day. Eager to see all the cute pictures of some of my favorite people.
    Love, Mom


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