Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Digi Scrapping With Clusters

Bren here to bring you some tips on Digi Scrapping With Clusters.I absolutely love scrapping with clusters. I love to use all the pretty flowers, buttons, and ribbons to make beautiful clusters. Here are a few tip for scrapping with clusters...
1. Vary the size and rotation of the elements you’re clustering
2. Elements closer to the bottom layers will cast smaller shadows than those on the top of the clusters
3. Resize elements, use them 2 or 3 (or more) times, hide parts under others, just go nuts until the cluster is as big and as full as you like
4. You want to place elements so that they are behind or “peeking” out from behind other elements and not always just adding them to the top

Now you should have some basic information that will help you create a nice element cluster.  You can always start small and work your way into some more advanced elaborate clusters.  Just remember,  Variety in shape, size and position of the layer are the key to creating a great clustered layout. Here are some basic elements that can be used for clustering:

1.  Ribbon
2.  String
3.  Bows
4.  Scatter
5.  Variety in the elements (size, color, texture, shape) – buttons, flair, flowers, stars, leaves, swirls, word art strips, date tags and stitching, just to name a few

Here are just a few examples of some beautiful layouts designed using B2N2 kits and clusters...

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