Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photoshop Shortcuts

When working in Photoshop, there are many shortcuts that you can use to get scrap booking done in a flash. CTRL+Z is a great shortcut in Photoshop. Accidently clipped a paper over your photo layer? CTRL+Z to the rescue! Resized an element and made it too small? CTRL+Z can fix that! There are many more shortcuts than CTRL+Z (undo) though. Photoshop shortcuts can be a key part of a digital scrapbooker’s tool box. Shortcuts will be different in Photoshop Elements than in Photoshop and the way one scrapper works in their scrapbooking software may be quite different than another scrapper, so the shortcuts each would need will be quite different. Perhaps the easiest way to identify useful shortcuts for you is to pay attention to the menu listings. The shortcut will be beside most action items. Most software programs will let you set custom shortcuts and Photoshop is no exception. There are many great tutorials out there such as this one on How to Customize Photoshop Shortcuts. Here is a handy Shortcut Chart for Photoshop that will give you the most common shortcuts....


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