Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Ordinary Girl

I'm here to tell you about a great kit from Scraps of Ellay. She's got a fun kit out called "No Ordinary Girl." This kit is for all those girls out there who like girly things like ballet but who also like things that are considered less girly like sports and bugs. The colors are so fun with combining pinks and blues and greens together. Here's a look at this fabulous kit.

Here are a couple layouts that I made using this kit.

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  1. So yesterday we were at Mom and Dad's, and we were looking through the photo album from when Amelia was a baby, and every time we got to the page with the Uncle Brian photo, Amelia would point to it and say "Amelia no like Uncle Brian!". She thought it was really funny. (Now that I reread that, it sounds terrible, so I will explain that she clearly likes Uncle Brian now, but she thought it was funny that she didn't like him then.) We must have flipped to that page and looked at that picture at least 10 times.


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