Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So many announcements!

Saturday was International Scrapbooking Day and Stuff to Scrap is actually celebrating all month long because it's also Stuff to Scrap's 1st birthday!! There are so many special things going on. They're having speed scraps 3 times a week! Woohoo I love speed scraps! There will be a progressive scrap starting next Monday the 10th. Most of the challenges at Stuff to Scrap are birthday themed and you'll get extra points if you scrap birthday layouts for the challenges. The Scrappy Kat is in charge of the Use It or Lose It Challenge. You're provided with a mini kit and you have to use all the pieces. The Scrappy Kat's mini is a portion of her bigger kit called "Undersea Birthday." She has it on sale all month ofr 50% off so that you can use more pieces for this challenge if you want. Here's a look at the mini kit and the bigger kit. Check out the forum at Stuff to Scrap for more details of this challenge.

Here are the layouts that I made using this kit. The first one is just using the mini kit for the challenge (but remember you CAN add pieces from the bigger kit for this challenge). The second one is a layout I made while doing a speed scrap at Stuff to Scrap. The tag was hard for me because we had to journal 3 sentences on it. My sentences are short! Ha ha.

Here are some fliers detailing all the specials at Stuff to Scrap this month.

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