Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Speed Scraps!

Flower Scraps is hosting a Speed Scrap tonight!! The participation prize will be an un-released QP pack! Come and play and have fun with up and get a great prize for doing it!
Since Stuff to Scrap has been having 3 speed scraps a week (Love it!) I've been participating in a lot of them! I also have been doing a couple at Brownie Scraps but I never can finish in time because I join late! Here are some layouts that I've made recently during speed scraps.
The above layout was made using April Showers by Becky Young Designs. Our directions were to make 3 photos black and white and use 4 papers that were the same color. I really struggled to find the right pictures and kit. But once I found this one and did sepia and brown rather than black and white photos with a white or black background, I loved the monochromatic look. This next two layouts were done for speed scraps at Brownie Scraps. For the first one we were doing a 50/50 speed scrap which meant you had to use 2 kits and use each one equally. Boy this was tough for me! I used Flutterbye Faery Designs' kit called Giggles (which by the way I cannot get enough of!!) and Scrappin Daisies' kit called "So Girly Add On." This add on is not an add on, it's a whole kit in itself! I just love how this layout came together but I didn't finish this one in time :( The layout under this one is also done using Giggles. See I told you I couldn't get enough of it! I had a hard time with this one because I don't do circle photos well. I just don't know how to place them on a page! But I think in the end it turned out well!

I just love The Fragrance of Flowers kit by Digi Designs by Nicole so when I got it I had to find a use for it! I thought it worked well with the photo I took of my daughter at the Botanic Gardens. I had so much fun using this kit but I couldn't get my squares/rectangles under my photo just right. I still think the layout turned out well! Gettin Scrappy with Britt hosted the last speed scrap at Stuff to Scrap. She threw us for a loop when the first step was to do selective coloring. What you do is duplicate your photo, turn the top one to black and white and then erase parts of it to show the color underneath. It took me a while to pick a picture. Then it took me forever to get the circles under the photo and the paper strips just right. I really hated my layout for a while. But then I adjusted some things to make the layout just right. I used the Stuff to Scrap April BlogTrain called "Spring Picnic." These colors were just gorgeous and matched with the tulips!

Boy I'm wordy today! Here is my last layout to show you that I made during a speed scrap. This speed scrap at Brownie Scraps was different. You were given a menu and you had to pick your courses. Then the hostess came back and told you what you were scrapping with. So I was dining with 3 people (so I got 3 pictures), started with a salad (7 papers!!!), and I can't remember exactly what else I had but I had to use 9 elements, cluster my elements around my photos and use strong tones. I would have finished in time but my kids were being a little fussy! Since I didn't finish in time, I decided to take even more time and change this into a two page spread. The left side is what I did for the actual speed scrap. I also did this layout for the motto challenge at Stuff to Scrap. The motto they chose was the Weight Watcher's motto: "Watch Yourself Change." We took pictures of our twins on their month birthdays in the same outfit (until they outgrew it). This kit is Pocket Full of Posies by Scrappin Daisies.

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